Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Rewards of being a Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Customer

We would like to take a moment to thank each and every customer who has placed a review through our Contact Centre or our Testimonials Page. Your reviews have helped us grow and has showed potential customers the value in our products!

We encourage all customers to take a moment to review the items that you have purchased or used by directly placing a testimonial at our Shop Page.

Your reviews now only help us grow on-line, but they help you get the products that you need.  Thanks to your feedback and requests, we have now completed our mineral line which is now available! It includes various concealers and color correction concealers; primer mineral powders; mineral collagen foundation; various air brush finishing powders and veils; mineral blushes; eye shadows and our Lip Plumper! Note that we will continue to add additional photo's and color options as continued feedback come in through your testimonials and reviews.

Our Pure Effect Serum and Eye Cream Line is yet to be added as well as our ever popular All Natural Anti-Aging Skin Lightener/ Spot Treatment Cream!  Gradually we have expanded and introduced our Spa Line to the "on-line" world.  With your continued support, we will continue to grow and offer additional specials as our way of thanking you!

We have already been giving away our lovely mineral brush kits to those customers who purchase a mineral kit (any foundation, blush and finishing powder).  The reviews of our choices of brushes have been wonderful!  See last post for one of the random set of brushes that you could receive 

We are proud to be able to continue to offer our Multiple Peptide Serums and Creams at up to 60% lower pricing than our competitors, and are thrilled to continue our discounts through our Loyalty Rewards Program (discounts range from 5-20% with each order).  The feedback that we have received on our larger than retail sizes for our Day and Night Creams has also been extremely positive, therefore we will continue to offer those sizes to you!
The Rewards of being a Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Customer continue to get better and better.  Our new promotion is for those customers who submit a review through our Shop Page. Submit a testimonial for each of the products that you are currently using or have used, and you will be entered into our monthly draw to receive an additional $5 off of your next order!  This promotion can be used in conjunction with your 5-20% discount through our Loyalty Rewards Program, as well continue to enjoy the tax free savings that we already offer!  That's an additional 13% We encourage all customers to submit their review/testimonial today!

We thank all customers in advance for your continued referrals and testimonials. As you help us grow on-line, we will continue to pass on the savings to you through high quality, multiple peptide, all natural skin care products and cosmetics.

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care
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