Friday, 19 April 2019

Easter Savings

Easter Savings 2019!

Get 10% OFF orders above $50 at Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care at

Coupon Code: EasterSavings10

Coupon Valid From: Fri. April 19 through Mon. April 22

Note: One coupon per customer/household.

Happy Easter to all!

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Website Migration Changes

Website Migration Changes
Please note the following VERY important information/changes:

We have migrated to a new server giving us a fresh, new and updated look with better ease of use for all electronic devices. All Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Information and Products (Shop) are now accessible solely through

Website Pages: Note that the location or order of some of our pages may have changed slightly, so we encourage you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new layout. Some pages remain in the upper navigation bar as they were previously, while others are now located at the bottom of the page.

Product Listings & Categories: We have updated our product listings to ensure each product stands out on its own. Note that we have combined our Spa Facial Clay Masks with our Cleansers under a new Category "Cleansers, Scrubs & Masks".

New Products: Our organic anti aging skin care line remains the same other than the addition of some wonderful new products with more to come in the near future. We have currently added a Ready-to-Apply Lime & Lavender Anti Aging Face Mask, Collagen Face Mask, Derma Roller (Micro Needling Kit) and Medical Grade Retinol Retin A. We welcome any feedback you may have and if there is a product that you would like to see us create and offer, please contact us.

Website Errors: If you notice any broken links, information that requires correction or if a page is not working properly please contact us with the error and the page name. Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care works hard to display accurate information, however errors may occur from time to time. We appreciate your patience as any corrections occur.

Our Features & Discounts/ How we differ:
Our features remain the same. We continue to offer:
Lower Prices: Our prices are 30% lower than brand name organic anti aging skin care products
Larger Sizes: Our day & night creams are 60ml (20% larger) than the 50ml standard size
Discounts: Products are tax-free so our customers receive an automatic 13% discount on each product/ order & additional promotional discounts to Blog Subscribers (see below- new change)
More Product: Products are filled to the top so customers receive 20% more (10-12ml) over what the label indicates
No Hidden Contracts: We do NOT participate in "trial" offers, product subscription programs, contracts, automatic product re-shipment or auto-billing. We only ship product(s) that you have ordered manually.

Shop Page: Easily select a product & add it to shopping cart for purchase.
1- select Product Category on left hand side or scroll through products/pages
2- select product of your choice
3- select quantity & add item to shopping cart
4- click shop & repeat steps to add additional products
5- go to shopping cart & check out

Customer Shop Accounts: Due to the migration our Shop is now accessible through All customers who had a Pure Radiance Shop Account at will be closed. As of March 31 that web address will no longer be accessible. We highly recommend that all shoppers become accustomed to accessing our shop and products NOW directly from our updated website

Loyalty Rewards, Additional Discounts & Blog Subscribers: After careful consideration, we are changing the way we offer additional discounts. After evaluating the program we found that although many customers were granted rewards discounts, only a minimal percentage were applying the discounts offered.

Our goal is to reach as many customers as possible. Additional discounts will now be offered to our Blog Subscribers. Subscribers will receive a notification of a blog update via email. Within certain blog updates, will be a promotional discount code which customers may then apply toward their order under the coupon section of the invoice.

As with the Loyalty Rewards Program, participation is voluntary to those that wish to receive updates and promotional discounts. We feel that this method of delivery will not only reach customers easily via email, but will keep everyone up to date/informed with important insider information and will also allow us the opportunity to offer more frequent promotional discounts to participating members. Note: One coupon per order; Coupon must be used within dates of promotional offer.

Please note that Drop Shipping fees for areas Caledonia and Port Dover have increased to $7. Hagersville, Jarvis & Townsend remain at $5. See updated Shipping and FAQ/Terms for further details.
If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us.

Until next update...we look forward to serving you.

Love your skin,
Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Happy Holidays

 Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a wonderful upcoming New Year!
As we approach the holiday season, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our current, returning and new customers for choosing Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care as your Canadian Anti Aging Organic Skin Care Provider. We are committed to providing you with the best anti aging skin care products at the lowest prices and look forward to serving you for many more years to come. Shop through your Pure Radiance Shop Account to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program for discounts that may be applied towards each order. For more information, visit our About Us Page at our main website- Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

For feedback, questions or further information, please feel free to contact us.

Until next update...

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

Friday, 23 November 2018

Skin Spot Corrector & Shipping Options

Skin Spot Corrector, Scheduled Downtime & Shipping Options

Downtime scheduled:

Regular maintenance, safety and security updates are scheduled for November. 28-2018 between 2-8pm GMT. The estimated time of completion is 4-6 hrs. This may mean that our websites may be unavailable during those hours. If this occurs, we apologize for any inconvenience, but there is no need for alarm as we will be back up and running after the update has taken place.

Skin Spot Corrector:

Our Skin Spot Corrector listing is being updated and was previously sold in 15ml (1/2 oz) size in a pump dispenser. This product will now be sold in double size, 30ml (1oz) and will come in tube packaging so that our customers are better able to dispense the amount desired for treatment areas. This sizing also contains enough product for those interested in using the spot lightener for full facial lightening if desired. See directions at Note that due to the size increase, there will also be a slight increase in price as well. Our previous price was $30 CA for 15ml. Our new listing price for 30ml is a reasonable $45 CA


As you may be aware, Canada Post is in labor disputes and is running 24 hour rotating strikes on delivery causing possible delays on some shipments (depending on location of delivery).

Customers concerned about shipping delays or placing orders with Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care, need not be. We also offer a variety of shipping options (local drop shipping & FedEx) We are pleased to look at your order and destination Country and offer alternative shipping services.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Until next update...

Love your skin.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Website Updates & Loyalty Rewards

Website Updates

Please note that we will be doing our regularly scheduled maintenance and updates to both of our websites over the next short while. Note that both our main website- Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care and Pure Radiance Shop Site will function normally and there will be no disruption in service to our customers during our update process, so you may continue to view information and place your orders as you regularly would. You will however notice visual changes once the update has been completed.

Note that to maintain as much consistency as possible, our main menu bar will remain the same and customer Shop Accounts will not be affected in any way. Once the update has been completed, cell phone and tablet users will also notice faster loading times and better viewing capabilities.

Loyalty Rewards Program

We have recently been contacted by a customer asking us if we offered any coupons or discounts on third party websites. Note that we do not use third party coupon sites, however we were pleased to provide him with a list of our features as to how we beat our competitors and information on our Loyalty Rewards Program.

It has been 5 years since we implemented our Loyalty Rewards Program and we are pleased to continue offering our returning customers with these discounts. For our newer customers or for those who may not have read our website, we are please to outline how the program works and the benefits of having a Pure Radiance Shop Account. Note that this information is listed as one of our features and full details are also available on our About Us Page of our main website.

Pure Radiance values and rewards loyal customers. Our Loyalty Rewards Program was developed by Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care and offers discounts to returning customers. The program works by recognizing/confirming account activity and then generates a randomized discount which the customer may then apply to their next order. Discounts range between 5-20% and are received in the form of a code via direct email from the Loyalty Rewards Department of Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care. If you would like to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program, simply create a Pure Radiance Shop Account here:

Benefits of having a Pure Radiance Shop Account:

- When you log into your account, your shipping/billing information is already stored/saved within your account from when you created it, therefore each time you go to place an order you no longer need to enter this information, hence saving you time
- You may view previously ordered items, so if you would like to re-order your favorite items, you may easily do so
- When you place an order while logged into your account, you will either receive a  Loyalty Rewards coupon code (discount ranging between 5-20% off) which you can apply to your next order, or if you just placed your first order, you are now only one order away from receiving your first discount

How the Loyalty Rewards Program Works:

When you are ready to place your order, ensure that you are logged into your Pure Radiance Shop Account and then add the desired items to your shopping cart. Continue through the check out and payment process. Once you have placed your order, you will received a rewards email within approximately 2 weeks (sometimes sooner) containing your discount code and instructions on how to apply it to your next order (simply enter discount code into the coupon section of the check out process).

Customers that wish to participate in the program and receive Loyalty Rewards Discounts must create a Shop Account at our Shop Page with valid information (including email address) and place each order while logged into their account.

If a purchase is made as a "guest" or a discount is applied without being logged in, the rewards program will not recognize the account activity and no reward will be generated. To rectify this, login to your account to place your next order. The system will recognize your activity as being your "first" order. After your second order, your account will be recognized as a returning customer and you will receive a Loyalty Rewards Discount again.

Important Notes:
-Only one coupon code/discount per purchase unless otherwise approved
-Coupons/Discounts must be applied at the time of purchase
-Sample only orders do not qualify for discounts- products must be regular sized to qualify
-Pure Radiance does not look up lost coupon code/ discount
-Invoices cannot be adjusted via contact center if you forgot to apply your discount
-Enrollment into the Rewards Program is automatic to those who create a Shop Account, however participation is voluntary
-Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care cannot create shop accounts for customers
-If misuse/fraud is detected, Pure Radiance has the right to terminate Rewards Accounts

Repeat orders are generally placed by our customers between 6-8 weeks, however we allow extra time so that everyone has the opportunity to use their discounts. Coupon codes are valid for 4 months from the date of issue, so be sure to use them before then or you will need to place another order before receiving your next discount.

For questions or feedback, feel free to contact us.

Until our next update...

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

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