Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Product Additions & Contest Information

Stay tuned for our upcoming video contest... the winner of our contest will receive selected $50 in FREE Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care's Advanced Anti Aging Products with Peptides!

Details to follow...

Our website has been updated and we are proud to introduce to you our most favored anti aging body & spa products. These products have have been sold successfully within select spa's and boutiques around Canada, and are now available for sale online!  Come and take a look at Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

Coconut Milk Facial Cleanser/ make up remover

(6oz pump dispenser):
This anti aging cream cleanser is specially formulated with organic Coconut and Sesame, to fight the visible signs of aging and gently remove make up and excessive oil; while locking in moisture, so skin retains resiliency, and suppleness.  Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.  Blended with 100% pure essential oils which balance the skin, leaving it healthy looking. Ideal for Normal to Dry Skin Types and perfect for preparing the skin for cream and serum application.

Citrus Twist Toner

(6oz flip top dispenser): 
This alcohol-free, anti aging, multi-antioxidant citrus fruit daily toner, is specially formulated with Aloe Vera, Rose Floral Water and a twist of Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lime Essential Oils. The mild astringent properties of the combined citrus fruits minimize pore appearance, lock in moisture, leave the face feeling fresh and revitalized while fighting the visible signs of aging. This gentle formula is suitable for all skin types.  Perfect for preparing the skin for cream and serum application.

Hand & Body Lotion

(8oz toggle bottle, no waste container; good to the last drop):
Awaken your senses!  Nourish and hydrate the skin, with this lavish moisturizing hand & body cream! Infused with 100% pure essential oils and natural botanicals, this all over hand and body moisturizer is beautifully fragranced; leaves the skin soft, smooth and beautifully glowing; protects skin from environmental elements. This lotion quickly dissolves into skin to deliver long-lasting comfort, leaving no sticky or tacky feeling behind. Suitable for normal-to-dry and sensitive skin types.
Available in the following spa scents: Coconut Paradise, Grapefruit Tangerine, Grapefruit Lime, Cucumber Melon, Tangerine Lime, Plum Fresia, Shea Rose (see notation)

Note re: Shea Rose.  Our Original Shea Rose Butter formula differs in that it is specially formulated for deeper hydration to deliver intense moisture to dry, rough or cracked skin. Healing Extracts calm and revitalize dull looking skin while preventing early signs of aging. Leaves skin soft and youthful.  Suitable for normal-to-dry and sensitive skin types.

Love your skin...

PureRadiance Natural Skin Care 
Advanced anti aging skin care with peptides

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shipping, Discounts, Savings, Price Cuts, Bundle Offers & More!

Shipping, Discounts, Savings, Price Cuts, Bundle Offers & More! 

We are pleased to announce that we have several methods of savings to review today as well as new Duo and Triple Skin Care Sets, as well; additional price discounts and price cuts. 
A reminder that Pure Radiance does not set shipping rates.  Rates are determined by our providers and go by the size, length, height, weight and destination of package.

Despite this, we are proud to announce that we have worked hard at negotiating a price drop and bracket increase!  Meaning that customers will be able to purchase numerous more products within the first bracket before it increases modestly, and also at lower rates.
Shipping is set at $8.50 for Canada/USA and $11.50 for Europe and the remainder of the globe with larger rate brackets resulting in additional savings. See our FAQ page for those brackets.

Pure Radiance will continue to offer our Loyalty Rewards Program.  Enrollment is automatic after first purchase. A friendly reminder that although participation is voluntary, those that chose to participate will receive a 5-20% discount on each order!  See our Contact page for full details.

Another reminder that those that chose to shop direct online rather than within select boutiques and spas for our products, will continue to receive the decreased Shop Direct price as well each transaction will remain tax free!
We are also proud to offer 6 permanent product bundles; some include discounts and other free shipping.  Be sure to take advantage of these non coupon offers.  Meaning, you may also apply your Loyalty Rewards Discount on top of this offer, for even more savings!! 

 Duo & Trio Bundles are as follow:
-Day + Night Cream Duo
-Day w SPF 20 + Night Cream Duo
-Day + Serum Duo
-Night + Serum Duo
-Eye + Day + Night Trio
-Eye + Day w SPF 20 + Night Trio

A friendly reminder also that the best way to find out about our offers, discounts, contests, charity events and more, is through our Blog, Facebook and Twitter.  Please be sure to "like" "share" and "follow us" so that you don't miss an opportunity for savings!

Pure Radiance will also continue to offer our 50-70% below competitor prices.  Having said this, we will also continue to automatically include a higher number of peptides within our products and also at higher concentrations than our competitors.  These discounts and benefits are automatic and available through any product purchased online.  Our customers receive stronger, more effective, more concentrated products that offer visible results.

Here is an example:
Competitor: Argireline only serum at 8-10% peptide concentration. 1oz for $77.00
Pure Radiance: 4 peptide serum- Argireline 15%, Matrixyl 20%, Syn Coll 10%, Syn Tacks 5%, with a Hyaluronic Base and additional antioxidants, organic extracts and essential oils.  1oz for $34.00

That is a $43.00 savings!
Comparable competitors:
-Elite Serum 0.4oz (less than 1/2 oz) $85.00
-Estee Lauder Night Repair Eye Serum 0.5oz (1/2oz) $72.00
-Freeze 24/7 15ml (1/2 oz) $74.00
-Glotherapeutics Serum 1oz $125.00
-Clinicians complex serum 1.2 oz $77.00

As you can see, PureRadiance offers various savings and discounts on a daily basis. We know that our customers and prospective customers will be pleased after reading our update.

But wait..we are not finished…we have one more offer.  This offer is valid for the next 3 mos (Sept.17-Dec.17). 
Details:  Those customers that refer someone to our Shop Direct Page and make a purchase, we ask that you have them contact us through our website to let us know. We will then send out one of three things to the referrer:1-an electronic coupon for a free product, 2-an electronic coupon for free shipping, or 3- an electronic coupon for a discount on your next purchase that may also be applied with or on top of a Loyalty Rewards Discount.  So now is the time to spread the word to your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers about our shipping price decrease and bracket increase; our newly added products, and our new duo and trio bundles!

Be sure to inform them that after purchase, they too will be automatically enrollment into the Loyalty Rewards Program for an additional 5-20% of each purchase from then on!  Everyone this way receives a discount/ savings!

Stay additionally tuned for our upcoming Submit a Video Testimonial Contest.

Until next update, we thank everyone for making us a success through your continued confidence and Loyalty.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care 
Advanced anti aging skin care with peptides

Thursday, 12 September 2013

New Products & Website Updates!

New Products & WebSite Updates!

As part of our pledge to you (keeping our customers informed) we are pleased to announce that we have completed our website update and have added/ made the following changes.

We have added Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on our ingredients. Please note that the files are in PDF format. This information can be found on our "Peptide Benefits",and our "About Organic"pages.

For those that do not have the computer/technological knowledge, if you try to open one of the files and it is displayed improperly, there is nothing wrong with the files themselves, it means that your computer does not have the software required for viewing. For your convenience, we have included two programs for you to chose from 1- AcrobatReader and 2- Foxit Reader. Simply click on one of the two links; follow the download instructions, and once completed you will be able to open the PDF files.

Your complete satisfaction is our focus. While we are proud of the quality of the products and service we provide, we're even prouder that our customers agree and love us! Come see our newly added testimonials page. Some of our customers have complimented us on:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable & accommodating staff
  • Effectiveness of products
  • Younger and firmer looking skin
  • Decreased lines & wrinkles; Improved skin smoothness & tone
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Texture & scent of our products
  • Honest and well below competitor pricing
  • Concentration and quality of our active peptides
  • Quality of our packaging and hygienically sealed products
  • Fast world-wide shipping at reasonable cost

As you are aware, Pure Radiance has received numerous requests to sell our various other products online (currently only available in boutiques and spas) We are pleased to announce that we are beginning to do so. We have added:

Retinol 1% Treatment Cream: This revolutionary 30ml medical grade Pure Retinol treatment plays a vital role in the skins rejuvenation process. See Retinol description on our About Organics Page which explains the difference between Retinyl Palmitate and Pure Retinol as well as the benefits of Vitamin A. See Our Products Page to review product benefits and make your purchase.

Ultra Lift Day Cream with SPF 20: Our same powerful 60ml/2oz (larger than the standard retail 50ml)  multi peptide cream, now comes with the option of a top grade photo-stable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB Ray absorber. See Our Products Page to review product benefits and make your purchase.

We have updated our Shop , products, peptides and organic pages.  They now include new product descriptions, photo's, MSDS, peptide/ antioxidant and organic ingredient descriptions as well certification logo's. Our brochures are yet to be updated.

We have reviewed our bulk order program and have updated our customer favorites for first time & large bulk orders as well the Rewards Program for large/bulk orders. This information can be found on our home page.

We thank you for your continued commitment, loyalty as well your word of mouth referrals.  We will continue to gradually add products. Some include: specially requested creams/ serums, facial cleanser/ toner, hand & body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. We look forward to continuing to provide you with quality products and service.

Have a wonderful day! 

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care 
Advanced anti aging skin care with peptides
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