Monday, 24 November 2014

Year End Update

Year End Update...

We would like to take a moment to thank our loyal customers for your continued and ongoing support.

Please note that we have completed our update to our website which now includes our 100% Organic Essential Serums.  These Serums are full of natural Antioxidants and Vitamins to nourish the skin, hair, hands and feet.  For those that requested pure organic oils for a gentle yet effective organic skin care routine, your request has been granted! This is the option for you.  We have added Premium quality Organic Grape Seed Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Perilla Seed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil and Apricot Oil.  Go to our Serums Page in our Shop to read their descriptions and benefits.  These Organic Oils may be used as a facial serum; hair treatment/ conditioner/ detangler; hand and body moisturizer; or as an added emollient to your current day and or night creams.  With the winter coming, our skin requires additional moisture, so this is the perfect time to add this to our routine!

For advanced and specialized anti aging products and results, we continue to recommend our Hyaluronic Acid Based Miracle Multiple Peptide Serum and our other targeted Peptide and Specialized Treatments.

Skin Bright Treatment Cream
We are also proud to announce that we will soon be adding to our specialized treatment line, by adding our all natural Skin Bright Treatment Cream!  This cream will lighten and brighten the skin in those that have skin that may appear darker than normal, blotchy, with possible uneven areas or patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling.  These skin pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin, a pigment produced by melanocytes. Increased melanin production, also known as hyper pigmentation, is often referred to as melasma (general term describing darkening of the skin), chloasma (discolorations caused by hormones) or solar lentigines (darkened spots on the skin caused by the sun). In addition, hyper pigmentation can be caused by skin damage, remnants of blemishes, wounds, rashes or scars.

DMAE Neck & Chest Therapy
After researching competitors such as Dr. Periconne, Obagi and Pro Derm for comparable skin lighteners; they can range between $69-$129 for 30-50ml treatment jars. Pure Radiance has carefully formulated our own powerful and natural Skin Brightener which will be sold at a reasonable cost of $38.00 for a 50ml sized jar.  Pure Radiance Skin Bright will include the following powerful skin lightening ingredients at their highest yet safest concentrations: Alpha-Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Licorice Root Extract, Pearl Lightening Powder, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Lemon Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil and Neroli Essential Oil, and will be available soon.

DMAE Face Lifting Serum
We are also very proud to announce that we will also soon be adding two (2) further specialized treatments.  Our DMAE Firming Neck & Chest Therapy Cream as well as our DMAE Face Lifting Serum! Both will contain high levels of DMAE that helps to firm and tone skin, while dramatically diminishing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. These are ideal to help repair skin showing accelerated signs of aging/ neck sag.  

They are also good for removal of scars when used in conjunction with our Specialty Clay Masks with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Multiple Fruit Complex.  For Serum use, we continue to recommend our Hyaluronic Based Miracle Multiple Peptide Serum for one use, then our DMAE Face Lifting Serum for the other use.  Hyaluronic Acid continues to remain the cosmetics industries best known moisturizer, hydrating and filling agent.  With our added Multiple Peptides, the combination is fierce for repairing and rebuilding new Collagen.

Visit our main website for further details on ingredients and benefits. These products will be added to our main and Shop site soon.

On another note, customers may notice that we have increased our prices on certain products ever so slightly (between $2-3). We did not wish to do this and did not take this decision lightly.  Please note that we have not increased our product prices within the last three years, although Canada Post has increased their shipping rates to us, and our suppliers have continuously imposed increased charges on cosmetic ingredients (peptides, carrier oils, essential oils, vitamins, botanicals, clays, other ingredients, bottles/ jars, shipping etc.) We feel that the modest increase is reasonable and will allow us to move forward in a sustainable way while continuing to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and quality of products.  Note that we will continue to offer our products tax free (which is a 13% savings) on top of our already below competitor pricing as well we will continue offering our Loyalty Rewards Program for returning customers who place their order through their shop account.  Note that in order for customers to qualify for this discount, customers must be logged into their Shop Account and place their orders while logged in.  Those that check out as a "guest" do not qualify for the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Please note that our Shop Account is free to register and use.  We therefore encourage all customers to sign up and use their shop account to take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards Program.  Read more about our Loyalty Rewards Program on our About Us Page through our main website.

We thank you for your understanding with this matter.  Please note that we have also had to make a minor change to Hagersville and Local customers who have made arrangements for order drop off/pick up locally.  Hagersville locals will be refunded for shipping costs less a minimal $4 charge for package drop off.  This minimal fee will cover the costs of processing; item packaging materials; travel/ time and delivery of item.  Hagersville orders will be dropped off at the customers home address.  For other locals that contact us to arrange delivery or drop off locations such as Andrea's Cutting Edge, shipping costs will also be refunded less the $4 processing, packaging, material, time and delivery fee.  We feel that this minimal fee is reasonable.

Please also note that unfortunately from having experienced no shows during product drop off, we have had to add a "no show clause" into our terms of service.  If an arranged time and date has been set to meet either at Tim Horton's or somewhere else, and for whatever the reason the customer does not show; the order will then be dropped off at Canada Post for standard delivery.  Shipping costs will then not be refunded and will be put towards the cost of shipping the item to the customers home.
It is unfortunate that we have had to add this clause, however our time is valuable and is better spent packaging customer orders rather than waiting for a customer who has forgotten to show for our arranged pick up/drop off.

We are doing everything in our power to add our new DMAE Products quickly to our online sales.  Please also note that some but not all of our Products are available for sale through Andrea's Cutting Edge Salon in Hagersville, however for those products that are not available we recommend accessing our web and shop pages.

Customers who have any questions of comments with respect to our changes may contact us
Have a lovely day; love your skin, and God Bless,
Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care & Cosmetics Team.

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