Friday, 20 June 2014

Regenerating, Invigorating and Clarifying...

Regenerating, Invigorating and Clarifying...

You've asked, and we've delivered.  Please note that our remaining three Spa Clay Facials have been added to our website.  They include our Regenerating Australian Reef Red Clay, our Invigorating French Yellow Clay and our Clarifying Bentonite Clay.

Previously only available through select Salons and Spa's, we welcome you to try these wonderful Spa Facials by visiting our Shop Site or directly at our Spa Clay Facial Page.

Full length descriptions will be added shortly.

On another note, we have selected our permanent Blushes and have updated these on our Mineral Blush Shop Page .

Our Mineral Shadow Page will be the next for us to update.  Stay tuned for permanent colours.

The last of our remaining Spa Products to be added will be our Pure Effects & Essentials Serums and our Anti-Aging Spot Remover/Facial Lightener.  These serums are for those who prefer a Serum or Day/Night Treatment 100% Pure, Raw Organic Ingredients with no peptides added.  Choices will include Apricot Kernel, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, RoseHip Oil, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil and a few others.

They may also be used for you at-home do-it-yourselfer's who may wish to use them as additional ingredients added into your current creams.  Why would someone do this?  Some individuals want to experience the additional benefits of what the oils have to offer.  To name a few (reducing hyper-pigmentation, added moisture, treatment of Rosacea, Dryness, etc).  The serums that we are adding are 100% pure and organic.  Note: we recommend that not more than 0.5-1% of total weight be added to any Pure Radiance Product as product may become de-stabilized.  The best option for use is pure as a day or night serum and added at the recommended percentages.  Our essentials serums may also be used on the gentle eye area even by those who suffer from extreme sensitivity.  Grapeseed Oil for example is recommended for those who suffer from sensitive skin.  Full description and benefits will be added to our Shop Site. When choosing an effects serum (raw ingredients) for do-it-yourself individuals at home, please do your research before mixing or creating your own products.  All essential serums may be added to our day/night/eye/body creams/lotions at a rate as stated above, however we do not recommend the addition of our effects serum to any of the following: miracle serum, retinol treatment cream, oil-free hydra gel, miracle serum, cleansers, toners, lift & repair eye gel. Further information will be provided under each serums description when added to our Shop Page.

We thank you for your continued support, referrals and future purchases.
Have a lovely day.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Updated Spa Rack Cards and Postcards

These are our updated Spa Rack Cards & Postcards. They now include our Mineral Make Up line.
Love your skin...
Pure Radiance

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Contest Winners

While respecting our customers name and address privacy, we congratulate Lucie from Toronto Ontario Canada for winning our monthly reviewer reward!  She has won $5 off her next order!  This reward is granted in addition to our Loyalty Rewards Program discount (rewards range between 5-20%). For additional information about our Rewards Program please see our About Us Page or Blog Post "rewards of being a Pure Radiance Customer"!

Congratulations also to the many customers who have received our lovely Mineral Make Up Brush Sets... we have been sending them to France, Australia, Egypt, Canada, the United States and many other locations around the world!  There are still a few left!  Get yours today!  See Mineral Make Up Promotion here!

We thank our customers in advance for their continued loyalty, future orders, reviews and word of mouth referrals! Have a lovely day!

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