Thursday, 6 March 2014

Progress Update

We thank you for your comments since our last Blog Update. We have taken that feedback, and are currently in the process of implementing those suggestions on our Website and Shop Pages. For those individuals that are not receiving updates from our Blog by email and wish to receive them, please click HERE, enter your email and confirm your address.

As discussed and introduced in our last blog, Pure Radiance has updated and added our four (4) Specialty Spa Clays to both our website and shop pages. They are now available for purchase.  We also were planning on updating both sites with our Cream and Loose All in One Concealers. After having received feedback with respect to our last blog update, as well several requests; to hold off on the addition of the concealers and instead, not only include those items, but also update our site and shop with our full Cosmetics Line. Each mineral product compliment one another, and soon all products can be enjoyed together. 

Having said that, there are many companies that offer mineral make up. So how do you decide on which product line or company you should purchase from?  What are their differences (if any), and what makes Pure Radiance Unique with our Mineral Make Up Products?

Our Products are different in several ways, and we are excited to tell you why and in what ways. Please take a moment to read these important differences.
  • Pure Radiance Minerals do not contain unnecessary ingredients and fillers. Unlike some major mineral makeup brands out there, our products contain no bismuth - Bismuth Oxychloride is a controversial ingredient.  We are not here to get into a political or scientific debate or conversation about this ingredient, but rather base our information on the un-ending reports from women who have used mineral makeup that contains bismuth oxychloride.  The reports show that the ingredient can cause itching, redness, bumps, irritation, block pores, exacerbate rosacea, eczema, irritated eyes and even have other effects. Those effects become worse when the weather becomes warm. If you are interested in learning more about this, feel free to Google "is bismuth oxychloride irritating to the skin".
  • So why do companies use this ingredient? The companies that continue use of bismuth, defend its use by stating that it's approved by the FDA and not a known irritant. They use it because it adds shine and increases wear time to mineral products.
  • Pure Radiance in no way wants for our customers to experience that same effect, and therefore as stated; do not use bismuth regardless of FDA approval. As you are aware, Pure Radiance does not use Parabens of other chemicals (also approved by the FDA).  We achieve wear time in our mineral products by using FDA approved all natural mineral ingredients that do not have reports of irritation, clogging pores etc.
  • Pure Radiance is also unique in that our minerals and all products are our own formulations. They are not repackaged private label products (the same product sold by many companies using the exact same formula but naming it something else).
  • We spend significant amounts of time researching and developing our product range and we know exactly what goes into our products and what ingredients we are recommending for use.
  • We are also unique in that we do not use talc, excessive fillers and a long list of ingredients like some of the bigger mineral make up and cream brands do. In our opinion they do not suit our "skin friendly, all natural and organic" product concept. 
  • Our mineral products also have no expiry date. They are dry and in their true natural form.

Now that you have read the differences, let us review why wearing mineral make up is the healthier choice.
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Helps irritated skin from its natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Decreases wrinkles
  • Excellent coverage (great for acne, rosacea, redness, covering skin flaws).
  • Works for everyone, in every climate and protects from the sun (has a natural SPF)
  • Natural and has no harmful ingredients.
  • Stays on all day and is nearly waterproof (even when you perspire, exercise or come out of the pool)
  • Looks and feels natural, very lightweight even after layering (if required)
  • Oil free, allowing the skin to breathe; will not clog the pores
  • Bacteria cannot grow in dry minerals; preservatives are not required.
  • Contains only naturally occurring minerals that have been processed for safe use on skin.
  • Mineral Makeup is not tested on animals.

We know that you are just as excited as we are, however we continue to ask for patience while we currently make the following changes/additions to our Website and Shop: 

Our full mineral cosmetics line:
  • All in One Cream and Loose Concealers
  • Mineral Foundations
  • Mineral Blushes
  • Mineral Bronzers
  • Mineral Shadows
  • Mineral Finishing Powders
  • We highly recommend the use of good mineral brushes that do not lose their bristles for application. We will discuss types of brushes in another blog and application tips.

Hand and Body Lotions, Body Butters:
  •  Previously our hand and body lotions were only available in our 8oz sizes.
  • After update, they will also be available in our convenient 2 oz size as well. This size is perfect for those that requested a smaller size for traveling. This is also ideal for purses, automobiles, camping, the office etc.
  • Our new Cocoa Body Butter will be added to our website, while our less popular scents removed.
  • Our 2oz size will mimic our ever popular 8oz no waste toggle bottle packaging. Lotions and butters may be enjoyed to their last drop.

Lip Plumper:
  • After update, our all natural lip plumper will be available for purchase. See website for brief description.
Rose Hazel Toner:
  • After update, our all natural toner which was formulated to do much more than cleanse the skin; will be available for purchase. See website for brief description.
 Further Information:
  • Please note that brief descriptions will remain on our product website page, with full update including ingredients available on our Shop site.
  • You may notice that we have removed some of our Duo and Trio Bundles. We will only be offering our most popular purchased bundles.
  • Our Sample Pack will be altered after update to include mineral make up, clays and other products.

We thank you for your feedback, requests and suggestions; and as you can see, your feedback helps us make the appropriate changes.

Product quality, accessibility due to reasonable pricing and customer service all remain our top priorities.

Stay tuned for our upcoming “Who’s seeing results” Contest, where you have the opportunity to win a full mineral foundation, blush and finishing powder with brush set! 

We will also soon be posting updates on mineral make up application tips and guidelines.

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Love your skin,

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