Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Product Updates

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care Update:

Online Cosmetic Products:

Please note the following... during our annual product review we have decided that we will be returning our online product focus back to much of our ever popular original product line.

What does this mean? Our focus has always been to provide our customers with a variety of all natural, anti-aging products; containing the highest quality of organic ingredients, offered at lower than retail and competitor prices. We were pleased to extend our online product catalogue to include our cosmetic line which is very popular at select Salon Locations. After review, it appears that the online demand for our cosmetics line is less than at our Salon locations; therefore we will be gradually updating our website and discontinuing much of our online cosmetic products. Not to worry, they will still be available at our select Salon Locations based on product demand and popularity. Some of the products that we will be discontinuing online include shadows, some concealers, lip plumpers etc. The cosmetic products that continue to remain popular online, will remain available at our shop site for continued purchase.

As our focus returns to anti-aging skin care line, we may add a few new products in the near future to provide additional variety to our customers. This may include a Hyaluronic Acid/Vitamin C Serum, as well as Pure Retinol Options. As we made additions/changes, we will continue to keep our customers up to date.

Our original anti-aging skin care line remains as popular as ever and as a matter of a fact continues to grow in popularity daily. We thank all of our customers for your incredible feedback. Please continue to feel free to visit our shop site and leave a comment under your favorite product. We are also always pleased to hear from our customers with any suggestions on products to further continue meeting your individual all natural skin care needs. All suggestions are taken seriously and into consideration. Please also remember that custom products are available as requested for a small additional fee. Contact us for further details.

Pure Radiance Discounts:

We thank all of our wonderful customers for your continued loyalty and referrals which have helped us grow exponentially over the past few years. We vow to continue to offer the highest quality of all natural anti-aging skin care products to meet your skin care needs and are proud to continue to offer our "Every Day is tax free day discount" (13% Ontario Tax is waived), as well our discounts available to participants of our "Loyalty Rewards Program" (5-20% off each order for returning customers).

Annual Shutdown:

On another note, please note that our shutdown this year will be from Wed. March 9- Wed. March 22, 2016. Please plan ahead and place your orders now to avoid delayed delivery during that time.

Blog, Shop and Website Updates:

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Until next update...

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

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