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Update: Web Site Server, Product Containers, Shipping and Ingredients

Update: Web Site Server, Product Containers, Shipping and Ingredients.

Web Site Server: It appears that our server was experiencing difficulty with our incoming mail, however we were not aware of this until we began receiving sporadic emails/contact. We thank those customers who informed us that there was an issue. Our technical support team has now resolved this and all email is working normally. We are responding to mails as they originally came in; please allow additional time for response.

On another note, during contact with our tech team, we were informed that our main website will be down for updates. This means that will be offline for the next 24-72 hrs. With the Canada Day Holiday being today, it may be slightly longer. Note that our Shop Site is up, running and functioning with no difficulties, therefore this will not affect our customers ability to place orders. You may continue doing so with confidence. We thank all customers for your patience and understanding with respect to accessing our main website during this time.

Product Containers: When you receive your next order or two, you may notice a difference in some of the containers that our products come in. We will be using up our current stock and then switching over from Double Walled Jars, to single/thick walled jars.

Please do not be alarmed on the size of the jars, thinking that you have received less product. There is no reason for concern. Although the new style of jars will appear “smaller in size” it is important to note that both jars, regardless of outer measurement, are actually the same size in oz/ml on the inside of the jar and contain the same amount of actual product.

What is the difference between the two styles of jars?Double walled jars are single/ thick walled jars with a larger jar surrounding the bottom base, making it larger on the outside (both in height and width); whereas single/ thick walled jars are only one jar on their own. For example; a 2oz/60ml double walled jar holds that same amount of product as a 2oz/60ml single/thick walled jar.

We are changing the style of jar so that our products will be 1-easier to identify from one another; 2-to decrease packaging size for shipping; which will allow us to 3-offer our customers further advantages with respect to shipping.

Previously our day, night and eye creams were all in white, double walled jars. They were difficult to tell apart from one another as they looked the same other than the product label. After the changeover to the new style of jars, our products will be easier to identify when making purchases through our salons in person, and when purchasing online- will have a more distinguished look with a splash of color.

Jars will be as follows:
  • Ultra Lift Day Cream will be in a clear single/thick walled jar with a white lid.
  • Reverse & Repair Night Cream will be in an amber colored single/thick walled jar with black lid.
  • Hydrating Mango Night Cream with Hyaluronic Acid will be in a blue colored single/thick walled jar with a silver lid.
  • DMAE Neck Firming Therapy Cream will be in a clear single/thick walled jar with silver lid.
  • Skin Bright Lightening Treatment Cream will be in a frosted single/thick walled jar with silver lid.
  • Retinol Treatment Cream will come in the 1oz double walled white jar and/or a blue single/thick walled jar depending on supplier availability.
  • Time Freeze Eye Cream and Oil Free Lift & Repair Eye Gel will both be in clear single walled jars with silver lids.
Below are some images of what our new containers will look like as well as the size differences between double and single/heavy walled jars.

Toner bottles will also be gradually changed as follows:
-Rose Hazel Toner will be in an amber color spray bottle
-Neroli Rose Toner will be in a purple bottle
-Citrus Twist Toner will be either in a white or clear bottle depending on supplier availability.

Shipping: Because the size of our jars will be smaller, the size of packaged orders for shipping will also be a little bit smaller. This will have an affect on the larger orders that we package for shipping as this will allow us to continue using our large sized waterproof bubble envelope rather than using boxes.

On those larger orders, Pure Radiance pays the additional shipping costs incurred due to our set shipping rates. This will allow us to save money on those particular orders. Because of this, we will now be able to offer tracked packaging free of charge to our U.S customers. Up until now, tracked packaging has only been included with no additional cost on Canadian orders due to the additional expense on U.S orders. We are sure that our U.S customers will be pleased about this information. Please allow us time to update our FAQ/Shipping section of our website to reflect this information once our main website is back up and running.

Preservatives: Please note that we have recently changed the preservative that we use in our Miracle Multiple Peptide Serum from synthetic & natural to fully organic. The organic preservative combined with the serums peptides and hyaluronic acid has increased the product density by 0.5%. This means that our serum will be slightly thicker from now on. This minor variation has had no change on the Ph balance, absorption/ penetration ability, other product compatibility, therapeutic benefit and anti aging results. All of these areas remain the same.

Organic/Natural Ingredients: It is important to note that slight variations are normal when it comes to using 100% Organic/Natural ingredients. Most variations are slight and are minor/non-noticeable, and others may be just slightly more noticeable. Example: when we purchase our ingredients from our MSDS Organic Supplier to make our products, we may receive a Rose Hydrosol or Aloe Vera Juice batch that is slightly more yellow in colour, or a Neroli Essential Oil that has a slightly stronger natural scent; or an organic preservative that is slightly thicker/denser is consistency. As you can see, with fully organic products, mother nature varies slightly from batch to batch which may have very slight changes to our products however rest assured that these minor/slight product variations do not decrease or diminish the products therapeutic affects or ability to penetrate the skin.

With all batches of our Serum, it goes on with a slight slippery feeling, however absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave any tacky residue once dry.

If you have any questions or require further information on the above topics, please feel free to contact us. We wish everyone a Happy Canada Day; thank everyone for their continued support and loyalty and look forward to serving you again.

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

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