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Online Shop Operation & Additional Updates

OnlineShop Operation & Additional Updates:

Attention All Customers- Please note the following important updates:

As a follow up to our previous post, our online shopping services were on a temporary shut-down while our salon and retail locations remained open for service & sales.

** Please note that all online operations have resumed and are in full operation; are accepting orders and have resumed shipping.

At this time, we would like to thank you for your understanding during our short break.  We would also like to point out some important facts/ differences to note about our products and ingredients in comparison to other companies; as well provide you with an updated copy of our brochure for your viewing.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care's organic anti aging skin care products are:
hypo-allergenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, contain NO Water or inactive ingredients, have NO unnecessary fillers, NO bismuth, talc, mineral oil, dye, silicone, paraben, sulfate, estrogen, phthalate, gluten, NO alcohol, drying or irritating ingredients and NO artificial fragrance or synthetic preservatives.

Our products are infused with natures most powerful blend of quality active organic ingredients, botanical extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, emollients, floral distillates and multiple anti aging peptides.

We beat our competitors in several areas:
- we offer larger (60ml) product sizes in comparison to the standard (50ml) skin care size
- we fill all of our products to the top of each jar/bottle, therefore the actual amount of product
  received is more than the actual listing
- prices are 40-60% lower than the national average for organic skin care products
- our products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients and do NOT contain any water,
  (which is generally the first ingredient listed as per most national skin care companies); which 
  results in our skin care being a more effective organic anti-aging products
- we include not only more peptides per product, but also at their maximum allowable percentages
- we pay the tax/ duty on our products so they are (tax & duty free), offering our customers more
  savings before any additional discounts are applied
- we value our returning customers & offer 5-20% off each order via our Loyalty Rewards Program
- products are in no waste packaging so customers can love their products until the last drop
- we offer detailed ingredient and product benefit information- see Organic & Peptide Web Pages
we pride ourselves on our customer service by responding thoroughly and with care to all inquiries

Important differences to note about our Aloe Vera Juice:
Recently, we had a customer ask us if our Aloe Vera Gel was made from freeze dried concentrate. We are always pleased to clarify and answer any questions that our customers may have about our products or ingredients, and since this was brought to our attention, we felt it was important to update our website and bring this to the attention of our Blog readers to ensure that all of our customers are aware of the distinct differences between our Aloe Vera & what some companies use.

Our Aloe Vera Juice and Gel is 100% Pure and is from the Inner Leaf of the Aloe Plant. It is NOT from a concentrate or from a freeze dried powder or extract. Some companies use dried powders or extracts and then mix it with distilled water to make Aloe Vera Gel or Juice.

To be clear, Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care does not ever use water in any of our products. Our Aloe Vera Juice and Gel is 100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Juice. It is Certified Organic, Kosher, Vegan, BPA-Free, Non-Toxic, has NO Additives, No Preservatives, NO Aloin, NO Gluten, NO citric acid, NO sodium benzoate, NO potassium sorbate, NO Casein and is GMO-Free. There is a distinct difference between the two (not only in the process of obtaining the juice or making the gel different, but the final result and the final quality of the product is different as well.

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care's Aloe Vera Gel Benefits:
Is moisturizing, a natural antibacterial agent, natural anti-inflammatory that is rich in antioxidants and naturally contains Vitamins B1, B3, B6 and C; 18 different types of Amino Acids; brightens the skin, improves skin elasticity, has healing properties, soothes irritated skin, provides relief from sunburns and pain relief from insect bites, rashes, burns or other skin ailments and has effective anti aging properties that decrease fine lines and wrinkles including puffy under eye area.

We hope that this clarifies the distinct differences of our Pure Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Gel that we use within our products.

Time Freeze Eye Cream Listing Update:
We have had many the customers provide us with feedback on the use of our Time Freeze Eye Cream and its effectiveness, not only on the eye ares, but also on the upper lip area for lip lines/smokers lines. Please note that the Peptides, active ingredients, antioxidants and organics within this cream; specifically Extracts Wheat Germ & Calendula, Peptides Snap-8, Pepha-Tight and Retinol are not only proven to be effective for lines, wrinkles and skin sag around the eye and brow, but also the upper lip and upper eye/ brow area. For more details see the listing and also see Retinol on "Organics" Page and Peptides Page at

The Peptide Pepha-Tight Peptide (which includes Algae Extract) is proven to be effective for Lip Lines/ Smokers Lines and also for Brow Sag. It also provides an immediate tightening and lifting effect and helps with puffy eyes/ dark circles. Snap-8 Peptide is effective in inhibiting snare complex and relaxes muscle contraction. These peptides also stimulate collagen production and renew weakened capillaries, restoring tissue blood flow, resulting in a brighter and revitalized eye area. This anti aging eye cream is ideal for removing pre-existing lines, wrinkles, deep creases/ crows feet and is also effective for lines around the mouth/ smokers lines. We have updated our listing to include the application instructions to include those areas.

Time Freeze Eye Cream- What is the application process?
Under Eye Lines, Wrinkles, Sag- On cleansed/ toned skin, in the morning and evening, dab a very small amount of cream under the eye area starting at the inner under eye, dabbing your way to the outer under eye area.
Brow Sag/ Upper Eye Sag- On cleansed/ toned skin, in the morning and evening, dab a very small amount of cream just below the brow area, starting at the inner under brow area, dabbing your way to the outer under brow area.
Lip Lines/ Smokers Lines- On cleansed/ toned skin, in the morning and evening, dab a very small amount of cream starting mid upper lip and dabbing your way outward and then re-starting mid lip and dabbing your way outward on the other side.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

Until next update...

Love your skin,

Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care

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